Friendship card with basic material

I wanted my first card on this blog to be a faithful mirror of me and what I do. But I also wanted it to be as easy to reproduce as possible…

When I first started card making I didn’t have much money or material so I kept trying to find ways to make nice cards but couldn’t find anything satisfying…


It was – extremely- frustrating…

Feutres Visaquarelle Bic
Visaquarelle markers from Bic – for kids 😉

So here is a card where the main focus is its super colorful background with a watercolour look I obtained using Canson watercolour paper and markers I bought at my local store for less than 5€. I like those markers because they have a brush tip allowing you to vary the width of your lines as you give it more or less pressure. And I also love the brightness of the colours even after you apply the water. Of course for this price you can’t expect the same quality as fancy markers but I do love the final results, and it is cheap…

MixMedia de Canson
MixMedia from Canson

I started by cutting one sheet of MixMedia Canson paper into 4 smaller sheets. You can see here I used an A4 paper pad but it also exists in A3 and it is an even better deal. I bought it in Cultura but you can definitely find it somewhere else…

Then I used two circle stamps and stamped overlapping circles all over the watercolor paper but a compass would have been great too and would even have allowed for different sizes of circles which, I’m sure, would have been even better…cercles

After that I used the Bic watercolor markers to fill in parts of the shapes, making sure to change colour every time the circles overlapped. I only coloured around the edges and a little more when the shape was bigger – I will explain why later.

This part took the most time but it is very theraputic and you don’t even need to buy a fancy expensive colouring book for art therapy at home …


The last step for this background was to activate the colour and for that I used an Ikea small brush ! I find they work well enough for what I do with them and there are various sizes which I really like. So I didn’t colour the entire shapes in order to have a light and shadow effect because as you add the water and reactivate the ink, you can color the rest of the shape with the colour you picked up on your brush but it is lighter, thus giving a lot more dimension to the background, and preventing the colours to be too bright. Because a flashy background is okay, but a migraine, no thanks ! 😉

I also added some perfect Pearls from Rranger to my water to give the background some beautiful shine, but then again you don’t have to. To obtain a similar effect for a reduced price you can also mix a drop of two of Izink from Aladine, the results are also very beautiful. I didn’t use mine because, well, the Perfect Pearl was on my desk, unlike the Izink… (Imagine having to stand up when you don’t have to ^^).


And as a last little detail, I added some dots along the edges of the bigger shapes in order to add some interest, and I rounded the four corners with my Fiskars corner rounder.

And here is the finished beackground ! It is so beautiful as is that the rest of the card should really be kept to a minimum and remain discreet.

arrière plan fini
Another Ikea pen for the white dots !

That’s why I used a simple sentiment from a stamp set by Kesi’Art with frienship sentiments. But if you don’t have sentiment stamps you can print one out with a beautiful font.

I then used two heart stamps included in the set and I embossed them using a pearlescent Embossing powder from Aladine and I adhered them with 3D foam tape in order to add some dimension to the card.

And last but not least, I embellished the rest of the card with some sequins. You can easily find sequins in the carfts sections of local stores, even if the colours are not particularly great, you will find some nice ones…

And here is the final result :20150822_154120_Richtone(HDR)-1

It shines beautifully 🙂

To conclude, the only real investment here is the Watercolour paper from Canson but I think it is a must have if you really want to stard making cards. And a big A3 paper pad is not so exepensive anyway and you can make at leat 8 cards with one sheet…


So this was the first card of this blog, I hope to find the time to show you many more !

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about it and to ask questions if you have any !


See ya !


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