3 pattern papers, 8 cards !

Making a card usually takes a lot of time especially when I don’t have a specific idea of what the card will be in the end, which is almost all the time… It takes me about an hour or two hours for a single card so when I need to make a lot of cards at once, for example for the new year, it is always interesting to maximize as much as possible your time & material.

Today I’m going to show you 4 different cards I made using only three 30×30 cm pattern paper but you could make up to cards. I’m talking here about cards that are about 13 x 10.5 cm. I would recommen20150824_114724_Richtone(HDR)d using a nice pattern paper first and then a plain paper of an assorted color if possible, but you don’t have to, and a third paper that should be more fancy like glitter paper (like a used in my examples).

The three papers should have coordinating colours but you can also use contrasting colors like black on one side and bright colors on the other side…

So first you start by cutting out for rectangles in two of the papers that you have. In my examples I used two different ways of doing things : first I used a die for the border and on the second example I just hand cut a border that I traced myself.20150827_110142

To make things easier it’s important that you would cut those two rectangles of the same size then you place your die exactly where you want your papers to meet and you make a small pencil mark on each side of the paper. Then you take the other rectangle and you trace a mark at the exact same place (you can put them on top of each other for that), then you can cut your rectangles in two using your die cutting machine or a craft knife like I did in this example.

All you need to do now is to assemble a piece of paper with its opposite side from the other pattern and you just leave a small border between the two and you put a piece of the third paper between the two  (for me it was glitter paper). I would recommend using a piece of cardstock in the background to help assembling the card and you can align with the borders to make it straight.

So out of the 4 rectangles that you have on one paper you make two cards so if you really have many cards to make you can create up to 8 cards in this fashion. All you need to do is modify the place of your sentiment or the way you are going to decorate the card if you want them to be unique. Or you can make 8 times the exact same cards, it’s up to you…

Here is the results with and without my die cutting machine. I used 6 different pattern papers because I wanted to change the colors but of course I could have made those cards with the same paper. Now I just have a lot left to do more cards in the future…20150829_100352-1


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